“i should’ve taken that left at Albuquerque,”
i muttered; disdain dripping off of every
character in every word uttered.

the sweltering heat and brutal humidity of this
God-forsaken desert i was marooned in
tuned into his frequencies, took whatever
it wanted and didn’t even bother to leave
Kenneth a note, advising the recent changes
made to his state of being;
all of this occurring before eventually
leaving without saying a single thing.

suddenly, there’s a full blown picture
portrayed as an elixir.
“foolish mirage,” i croaked. “you dare
to bombard my mind with cryptic instruction?!
you know nothing about me or my
the mental muddle seemed too much
for me to overcome. spectator to
my own struggle, my will began crumbling away
into the desert, inevitably blending
with the desolate landscape

my final cry reverberates
throughout the space between my arms
now one with the sand,
the southern sun gives way to a killing moon
a curious breeze gathers the sand &
ashes, swirling cyclically towards the night sky
complete with an aura that rivals the glow
of the stars.

this is a new dawn.
this is a new wind, due north.
of course…

this is my aurora borealis.