float on...you’ll find me mingling with the ones and noughts, speaking
a gibberish dialect
in the same place our eyes intersect, where a somewhat forbidden
attraction manifests, between you and i
the feeling becomes all the more glorious, ignoring
other couples who pretend to be ignoring us
…our love, life in the fast lane…
acending higher than jet planes, as the moments
we share stay on full rotation on the turntables
of our minds
a sudden impact, and suddenly i’m nowhere near
bliss, or at least that’s the illusion that sends a poisonous
confusion to have me thinking i’d like to believe that…
wondering constantly which way the weeping willow will
descide to sigh
crying softly inside the incubation of my duvet, gripped
by the vices of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘i-should-haves’
and so we sing the hymn of our final confrontation:
‘i remain constant and forever headstrong on the frontlines
of a battle neither of us can win…’
so with the snap and click of the padlock installed
in my mind, i stand resolutely for what has already fallen
i pledge my allegiance to a lost cause
i shoot straight towards the dreamers’s ideal
my white flag is blowing in the wind’s caress, but not
as a signal of intent,
but as free form ashes, drifting towards
it’s new residence on the ground we tread
and bled upon…
my sword’s weilded, my shield’s useless… we
stand at opposite ends of the battleground, snarling
as if we’re two predators fighting over fresh meat…

enough is enough. engarde… in the name of what’s already dead.
engarde… in the name of what’s already gone.