they say love is a game…

if love is a game, Valentine’s Day is its cup final, its Super Bowl; it’s opening and closing ceremonies, complete with decadent costumes, elaborate dance moves and glorious song

if love is a game, the players are sat in the dugout, waiting patiently whilst staring intently at the back of the managers head, silently imploring him to one of them on the pitch… “c’mon gaffer, let me have a crack at them. I can do this!”

if love is a game, chess is its name, for many aim to protect their respective kings and queens from being taken; some are used as pawns, some as gallant as knights, some as slanted as a bishop’s movement from square-to-square

if love is a game, then the pain born from a broken heart is akin to a brutal tackle, a vicious right hook, a german suplex… one could hazard a guess and say that some of the broken hearts the broken-hearted have sustained throughout the history of love’s placid game have seen to a swift end of their careers

if love is a game, if there be any truth in the saying ‘all’s fair in love and war,’ then love is a bloodsport; love is a fight to the death, pitting each gladiator willing to allow themselves to be brought to their very knees only to bleed so profusely, the seemingly insatiable thirst may be quenched only by the adversary’s blade.

if love is a game… let’s play. for keeps