i do this for you, y’know.

i grow weary of this constant toil
these countless trips in the boiling sun
and the freezing cold
this life term you awarded me, forced to
slave my life away, with no chance of

my wings can take me anywhere
in the world, anywhere at all…
yet the further I will myself away from
you confirms how much further I’ve
yet to travel right back to the
confines of your hive.

by the hemolymph that courses
the inner machinations of my open
respiratory system,
I will make you love me.
I will be more than just one of your
faithful subjects
who’s constantly subject to your indifference.

i do this all for you.

these treacherous altitudes and latitudes
I traverse hardly impresses you.
the lilacs and daffodils I am cursed to
plunge my worthless proboscis into
couldn’t hope to generate a nectar
sweet enough to erase the bitter
nature of my existence.
I do it not to keep the machine called
planet Earth firing on all cylinders;
I do it not for my brethren and sistren
of the colony…

damn it, i do this all for you.

fill these pollen baskets with your gratitude
warm the cockles of my dorsal aorta with
your love and approval
I fight for your love with every millimetre
of my being;
with every two hundred beats of my
beat-up wings
with every drop of saliva I secrete,
it’s all for you.

i do this all for you.

(photography by Dean Newcombe – @friedeggbanjo)