you and i made love underneath the moonlight
in a rain forest last night.
the memories are still as fresh as the
morning’s dew adorning each blade of grass…

that night, the light of the moon encouraged the water
and each bead of sweat to glisten,
sparkling like precious gems
mother nature’s overture was
playing at full blast with your persistent moans of
satisfaction teasing my eardrums.

with each splash and crash into each other,
that low shudder turned into a violent vibration, bringing
about a tingling sensation, originating from
the base of your spine and racing to the back of my neck
…and I would bet any amount at all that the diamond-strewn
water surrounding us isn’t the only wet thing around here
our heavy breathing breathes hope into our romantic
endeavour, while accelerated heart rates speed us to
our intended destination: ecstasy.

even if this is the last time our
bodies, hearts and minds are entwined, I
will happily revisit that night
kind of like I’m doing right now…
how can there be anything better
than creating a moment of insane, intense
“like you mean it” passion
especially when one loves the reaction more
than the action itself

you and i made excruciatingly wonderful love
last night…
all through the night… within the confines
of my mind.

do me a favour: wake me when this fantasy is
prepared to become a reality.

(photo courtesy of Broken Not Crushed)