the cascades were calling him again…


and as he checked the unread messages in his brainpan,
he stands and nervously rubs his hands,
deleting each of the vocal memos, each
idiom as piercing as the last
finally, after disconnecting, he finds himself
accepting the fact that the time is
now… he rubs the wrinkles turned crevices turned
chasms that formed on his brow, asking aloud:

“how did my heart and my mind end up in this unified state?
am I really ready for this?”

a searing, nagging sensation raced from body
cavity to cavity, immediately answering
his question.
acknowledging the internal lesson as
learned, the cascades again yearned for his
presence. he could ignore the plea no longer;
as the inherent disturbance only grew stronger,
he exhaled, pushed open the gates to redemption
and made his way to the ends of the earth;
all the while, composed… yet excited.

his delight only increased once he blessed his eyes
on the horizon… as he closed his eyes and extended
his weary arms, he started to rise off the ground…
the sweet, salty breeze softly caressing
every inch of his tattered body and soul
O, the anxiousness was excruciating! and yet,
still he rises, slowly inching away from land’s end
and towards the ocean deep
the eyes once wide shut suddenly opened…
the remainder of his journey was clear…
and as tears of joy rained from his eyes, he cried:


and plummeted from the skies.

the speed of the fall increased intently as he was
falling free… the seas extended her loving
arms, he crashed into the azure waters
with a triumphant splash…
the sea closed her benevolent limbs around him,
encouraging his decent… joyous tears transformed
into celebratory bubbles. the bubbles rose rapidly
as he continued to sink

eyes wide open slowly closed and
her voice, ethereal and melodic, filled
the cerulean void, saying:

“for a moment there, i thought you
weren’t going to jump.”

and at that moment, he felt peace
at that very moment, he felt loved