the colour of love today is a mixture of
white & grey
navy blue & beige
generations past, present, and future congregate
on the green grass amongst the playful laughter of children
amongst the smiles of parents proud
amongst our mutual friends in the crowd
my lips crash into yours
like the dancing seas into the rock of Gibraltar
in that moment, I’m reminded why
I’m so happy you decided to meet me at the alter

I solemnly swear, my blushing bride,
that our love will always prosper
the fortitude of my love for you will never falter
in that, you will not find fault
my very existence was to break your heart’s resistance
from day one
the strength we possess was made manifest in the birth
of our beautiful son

passion burns like sulphur to naked skin
there is no greater win than the day
that legendary wind swept you off your feet
and encouraged you to meet me at the alter

i pine, i perish…
our love, i cherish
in that fact, you won’t ever find fault
don’t ever expect my love for you to falter
not since our child was born did a more
joyous day in my life occur
never have I been more sincere like I am right now, my dear
i implore you to cast aside all doubt
accept this as the absolute truth, for I would never palter

thank you so much for saying “yes”
thank you for agreeing to meet me here
at the alter.


(photo courtesy of Naz Malik)