i wish i could push that red button… just once.
just so i could give the world the
self-fulfilling apocalypse the
prophets, the Christianists,
the radical Islamists, the Manson family,
the warmongerers and the fear-conjurers
won’t shut the fuck up about.

i want to live in a real-life Fallout
where even the radiated soil would cry out
in anguish and woe…
where the toughest of the tough and
the baddest of the bad would shrivel up
and die with a [insert weapon of choice here]
in their cold, dead hands

i want to see the world’s most prestigious monuments,
mankind’s testament to creativity and artistry,
morph into a shell of their former glorious selves
i want to see first, second and third-world
countries reduced to nothing more than
a vat of atomic waste and debris

i want to stave off mutated threats and
do battle with psychopaths over a
tin of beans and a bottle of purified water.
i want dust storms to be as life-threatening
as a bullet storm spawned from the barrels of an
array of machine guns.
i want to go days without food, a hot bath
and a warm bed to sleep in
i want to live in the most treacherous of conditions,
where the water is poisonous and the air
is damn near fatal to breathe into
my now decrepit, blackened lungs.

i want the foundations of faith to buckle
and collapse on the head of every single,
surviving inhabitant, whether they believe in
a higher power for most of their lives or only
adopted a certain sect of faith during their seemingly
final hour.

i want chaos. i want hell on earth.
i want death without a single chance of rebirth.
and when the unfriendly bombs fall, i want
everyone to realize how good we had it
and how callus and coarse we were to our
fellow man and our planet.

with that said… if you think i TRULY
want this for humanity,
you’re as foolish as you are naive
you are as dense as the air we need to breathe
because these words will have as much impact
on the world as a pebble would when it’s
tossed into the sea

so you gluttons, you thieves, you that
constantly and consistently deceive:
go right ahead! try to make an example out
of little ol’ me…

we all know i am not the enemy…
my personal heaven is having a grand opening
and the suffrage i have paid here,
in spite of you, is the admission fee

so come, unfriendly bombs! come and fall…
set me free.


(image courtesy of Total Wallpapers)