if I bit my lip any harder, I could draw
a picture of you nude using the blood
as my oil pastel
I don’t want to waste time with clichéd
rhymes of ‘ooh baby baby, u drive me
crazy.’ no, my desire is stoke the fire
and reside inside your tunnel for a while.
I yearn for you to burn me with
the Greek fire secreting
from the scalding pot betwixt your
I won’t beg but the thought of
my taste buds not being granted
access to indulge on your sriracha
flavoured labia fills me with dread
the world within
the tunnel
is exactly where I want to be
I won’t fail you, fair maiden
I don’t mean to be brazen
allow me to graffiti
your walls with a type of
krylon that will forever live
In the weave of your vintage nylon
bed sheets
cleanse me with your
passionate flames
the world within
your tunnel
est tellement magnifique