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look me in the eyes and swear
the lies you spoke

are truths.

because originally,
your actions
disturbing yet humorous
have left me clueless

now that the sun has shed light
on your 

dark ambitions.
I don’t doubt your Christian lineage.
it just seems to me
your skeleton has joined the others in that abyssal closet
prepared by your mother, father, sisters, and brother
so I dare you to come clean;
bathe in my waters of honesty,
for yours are filthy and hazardous;
more potent than the strongest strain of cannabis,
this conservative, selfish, love-hungry, cannibalistic lie

you’ve created is now a havoc-wreaking demon
and now, that self-proclaimed beauty growing
inside you is nothing more than a hideous attempt
to form our love into an icepick and plunge
it into my back;
what did i lack something in my eternal quest
for your happiness?
i continue to wonder
sifting through the cloud of a cigarette
searching for answers within the blue
battling the side of me that wants 

vengeance against you
desperately trying to revive
the part of me that loves you

but don’t look away just yet.
because if this bullet means victory for me…

you’d better duck.

originally written on 9 May 2005
image created by hyena reality, courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net