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the cunning lingers
particularly when the art of cunnilingus
is performed
je t’adore adorning your body
with oral symphonies
and sonnets
i harbour ruthless intent to storm
your front & centre
with passion and pride
prejudice reserved for those
who’d discourage me from doing so
tonight’s forecast of Torrential swirling
My saliva saturated tongue curling
hugging every chicane your labia
confide in my ability
to blaze a slippery trail to your
southern hemisphere
a debaucherous playground
my real life San Andreas
and there’s no fault I can find
with my mouth’s muscle
lovingly spelunking your
anatomical love cavern
earnestly engaging your g-spot
hot secretions of
your floral essense adorn my
beard glistening
the morning’s dew ain’t got shit
on my visage
fearlessly and feverishly
devouring every
of your vulnerable vulva
your trembling naval
i’m clutching my quavering member
for leverage
simultaneous climax
your flesh covered wonderland
becomes a refreshing beverage
O, teardrops of sheer joy
attack massively
baptise me
in the name of
the Goddess
the gateway to
heaven was never meant
to be walked through
rather, it’s supposed to be tasted
and you