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Photography by yours truly

it was supposed to be a simple search
a no-frills romp through the cloud
in and out of the mantle’s storage
i clearly underestimated everything
i underestimated the depth
as I found myself gasping for air
flicking from pic to pic
never thought a trip down memory lane
would require holding your breath
before you take that first step
i underestimated the breadth
of the spectrum
your phantom hook moving urgently
up and down the fretboards
of my brain
my left hand applying the pressure to
my heartstrings
my right hand, the plectrum
play one we know, mate
play one we forgot about but we’ll
vividly remember the moment
those divine melodies
caress our eardrums, mate
i underestimated how hard it truly is
to capture eternal sunshine
and make one’s mind truly spotless
i’m not joel
you might as well be clementine
my eyes holding back a
tidal wave of bitter tears
ironically prompted by a cache
of sweet reminicence
i underestimated the power of you
your impact
your influence
your ability to envoke something happy
within me
even though
it was only temporary
because nothing gold ever stays
or is resistant to rust
vis a vis life’s meandering pathways
i pray you are happy now
i pray you are content
pardon me while i silently protest
with myself
before I delete these photos
fascinating how ‘always and forever’
becomes ‘never meant.’
it was supposed to be a simple search
a straightforward task

(photography by yours truly)