Musical Dope

In addition to my literary exploits, I am a musician of sorts.  I can sing; I can play the drums; I can play the piano; and I can rap.

Presently, I am the vocalist in the band Dead Next Week (new music coming soon).  Previously, I was the frontman for the band Colourblynd (formerly known as Set Your Sights) and you can listen to our demo work here:

In addition to rock/metal/alternative/whatever, I also love hip-hop.  Here’s some of my solo tracks, including some beats that I just recently produced:

I’m very passionate about music and I feel quite blessed to be somewhat competent with the skills (some might call it talent) to do what I’ve done and am doing today.  I consider myself an artist in every sense of the word, albeit music, poetry, or even amateur photography.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what you hear.

I remain,

Joseph Guthrie (AKA: The Auracle)


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